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When buying a cashew in wholesale quantity it is always best to store them in an airtight container and if possible keep them in a cool place like a freezer if it’s a long-time storage. Buying cashews in wholesale is always the best as it can be procured at a lower price, we at Gim Agro provide the top-quality cashews to wholesale dealers across Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We provide cashews as a whole, split or pieces as per the request of the customers.

Cashews are very nutritious as they are rich in protein and minerals like magnesium, potassium and copper. They provide a number of health benefits, the cashews we provide to dealers in Chennai are carefully hand-picked and sorted. We also provide the fastest home delivery of groceries to your home when ordered through our online store or app.

Types of Cashews we sell

Most who love cashews must have noticed that the cashews don’t always look the same in their size and most of all the color. That is because cashews differ based on their size, shape and color. Cashews are graded into 33 different grades of which only 26 are available for people, of them the most common types of cashews varieties available are


This type of cashew is the most expensive there is, referred to as the king of cashews, these cashews are very large in size and are only sold when they are wholly intact.


Smaller than the W-180 variety of cashews, these cashews are jumbo sized ones and fall a bit behind the king of cashews because of their slightly smaller size.


Another step smaller in size compared to previous ones, these cashews are known as mid-grade ones and are said to have the standard size.


This type of cashews are the ones that are most commonly sold and distributed. They offer the perfect sized one and are quite cheap compared to their counterparts.


This type of cashews are the last of the whole types and are very inexpensive when compared to king cashews. Apart from their pricing their size is also very small.

Scorched Wholes

Scorched cashews are called that way because of their slightly darker colour. The dark colour is because these cashews were roasted a bit longer during their preparation and are available as either wholes or pieces.

Cashew Wholesale Dealers in Chennai

cashew wholesale in chennai