cashew wholesale market in chennai

Did you know that there are more than one variety of  Cashew Wholesale price in Tamilnadu? Cashews are differentiated into six different types based on their size, colour and appearance. The pricing of the cashews also differs based on their types, we at Gim Agro are known for providing the best quality cashews to most wholesale markets in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Though cashews are one of the most common and versatile nuts found in Tamil Nadu, their preparation can be a bit complicated and dangerous.

The preparation of cashew seeds into nuts needs to be done with precautions and safely as cashew seed shells contain a type of acid that is allergic to humans. The cashews we sell at Gim Agro, include all varieties of cashews like W-180, W-210, W-240, W-320, W-450 and Scorched wholes. We are rated as the best for selling these cashews at the original price in wholesale markets. We also provide the quickest home delivery of our groceries when ordered through our online store or app.

Ways to store cashews and include them in your daily diet
Cashews can be found all year round in any season and is a common commodity in all grocery stores. If one buys cashews in bulk quantities, it is always better to store them in airtight containers. If the cashews are being stored for a short-term period it is alright to keep them at room temperatures, but if they are going to be stored for a long time it’s best to keep them in the fridge or freezer.

Cashews are one of the few varieties of nuts that can be smacked upon as it is or can be used in various dishes in different forms. They are an excellent choice for providing a wonderful nutty flavor and adding various textures in our dishes.
Some of the ways to enjoy cashews are

    • Combining cashews with other dried fruits, nuts and Choco chips create a delicious trail mix which will be a hit with kids.
    • Cashews can be included in salads containing lettuce, tomatoes and a protein source like chicken or pulses with a touch of olive oil.
    • Cashews added as an addition to wraps containing chicken, mayonnaise and mustard is a delightful way to enjoy them.
    • You can make a yummy and healthy granola mix or bar by combining cashews with coconuts, honey, rice crisps and rolled oats.
    • Cashews are best served with a cup of yogurt, granola, fruits or parfait

You can make a hearty meal by combining cashews, rice, chicken, soy sauce and red pepper flakes in a slow rice cooker.

Cashew Wholesale Market in Chennai

Cashew Wholesale Market in Chennai