Dhal Wholesale suppliers in Chennai


Types of Dhal we sell

GIM Agro is known for supplying the best quality Dhal across Chennai, Tamil Nadu at a low price. Grown with exceptional care, all our dhals are organic which means they are free from toxins and chemicals. We are the best Dhal wholesale suppliers in Chennai and sell our produce at a price per kg basis. Our Dhals are unadulterated, free from pesticides and synthetic hormones as they were grown organically by making use of organic manure. The common varieties of our top-rated wholesale dhal supply in Chennai, Tamil Nadu includes Chana (Gram), Mung dhal, Masoor dhal, Urad dhal and Tur dhal.

At GIM Agro, we also sell our groceries online in Chennai, so that customers who wish to buy the best quality dhal in wholesale quantities can just visit our website to place their orders. Apart from selling top-quality dhal we also sell the best graded pulses, spices and rice varieties in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. So, just give us a call or visit our website to get the best wholesale dhal delivered to your home in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

  • Split Yellow Moong Dhal
  • Whole Green Moong Dhal
  • Split Green Moong Dhal
  • Whole black Urad Dhal
  • Split black Urad Dhal
  • Split Chana/Bengal Gram Dhal
  • Red Kidney Beans/Rajma
  • Black eyed peas/ Lobia
  • Whole white Urad Dhal
  • Split White Urad Dhal
  • Black Chickpeas
  • White Chickpeas
  • Toor Dhal

Why Go for Gim Agro’s Dhal

  • Grown with care and passion by the farmers
  • Organically cultivated using organic manure
  • Grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and toxins
  • Processed carefully without any adulteration
  • Carefully cleaned and removed from stones and foreign matters
  • Packed using HDPE food grade packing materials
  • Provide the fastest delivery of grocery at your home